5 tips to improve your swing

Golf is a sport that requires precision, patience and, above all, an excellent swing. Swing is a fundamental move that determines the quality of your shots and your performance on the field. Although it may seem complicated, with practice and some key tips, you can significantly improve your swing and enjoy golf more. In this article, from the Club of Golf Son Servera we’ll give you five practical tips to help you perfect your swing. Let's learn!

5 tips for a perfect swing

Swing may seem complicated, but most great players use simple ideas to keep their game on track. Ian Woosnam, winner of the Masters of Augusta in 1991, he described it as "winner of the Masters of Augusta in 1991, he described it as "two turns and a whip". The key is to simplify the movement, eliminating over-complication and finding naturalness in each stroke. Then we leave you with the tips.

  1. Grip

Uno de los elementos más básicos y cruciales del golf es el agarre del palo, también conocido como “grip”. El grip es la única conexión física entre el golfista y el palo, por lo que su importancia no puede subestimarse. Aquí tienes algunos pasos para asegurarte de que tu grip sea el adecuado:

  • Index finger test: A good indicator of a correct grip is the ability to hold the stick with the index finger and fingertip. If you can do it comfortably, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track.
  • Wrist joint: While holding the stick with this grip, make sure you can properly perform the wrist joint. A proper grip will allow greater flexibility in the wrist during the swing, which will result in more precise and powerful shots.

A good grip is the solid foundation on which you will build your swing. Practice regularly and make sure your grip is consistent with every punch you make.

  1. Posture

Proper posture is essential for a consistent and effective golf swing. Posture includes the position of your spine, the inclination of your shoulders, the position of your arms and the bending of your knees. Here are some tips on how to achieve the correct posture:

  • Athletic stance:Maintain an athletic stance, avoiding locking your legs or hunching your back. You should feel relaxed and balanced.
  • Shoulder tilt: Raise the back arm slightly above the rear arm. This will create an angle that will contribute to a good high throw.
  • Knee bend:Make sure your knees are slightly bent. This will give you stability and flexibility in your swing.

A proper posture will help you maintain a steady swing and improve your ability to make precise shots. Practice your posture regularly to make it natural.

  1. Execution of the swing

The process of executing the hit on the golf is a sequence of fluid movements requiring coordination and power. Here are the key steps:

  • Keep the stick away from the ball:Start by gently pulling the stick away from the ball, keeping your arms stretched to the maximum. This initial movement should be smooth and controlled.
  • Change of direction and speed: After moving the stick away, change direction and accelerate to hit the ball. This movement involves a turn of the hips and an inversion of the body.
  • Descent of the suit and follow-up: The descent of the stick must be coordinated, and the head of the stick must pass through the impact area with force. As you hit the ball, the stick should follow a bow around your body and end up above your head.

This process may sound complicated, but with practice and focus on fluidity of movement, you’ll improve your ability to make powerful and precise shots.

  1. Thumbs up for a powerful impact

One of the best kept secrets in golf is the importance of keeping your thumbs up during the swing. This small adjustment in your technique can make a big difference in the quality of your shots. Here are the details:

  • 90-degree angle: When your arms are parallel to the ground during the swing, make sure your thumbs are pointing upwards. This will help you keep the stick in the right plane and improve power.
  • Passing the club through the impact area: Keeping your thumbs up also makes it easier for the stick to pass through the impact area, resulting in more consistent and powerful shots.
  • More power:This small setting can provide more power on your swing, allowing you to reach longer distances on the golf course.
  1. Raise the left heel to make an effective turn.

The off-swing is an essential part of a good golf swing, but can often be difficult to master. One effective tip is to allow the left heel to rise during the club rise. Here are more details:

  • Improves the off-swing:Raising the left heel during the club rise facilitates the off-swing motion and helps you complete the swing successfully.
  • Weight transition:The left heel lift also facilitates the weight transition from the toe of the left foot to the heel of the right foot, which increases the power and effectiveness of your shots.
  • Practice regularly:Practising this motion will help you incorporate it naturally into your swing and improve your performance on the course.

Improve your swing and enjoy golf to the fullest

Golf is a challenging but rewarding sport that can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels. Improving your swing is a sure way to increase your enjoyment on the field and reduce your score. And, for this, you do not need unnecessary complications, but to master the basics and find naturalness in every movement. Practicing these five tips will help you polish your technique and enjoy your time on the golf course. Are you ready to apply these tips and take your game to the next level? ¡Reserve tee time in the Club of Golf Son Servera and put into practice what you have learned! We are here to help you perfect your swing and enjoy every moment in the field. ¡ We hope to see you soon on the green!