The history of the club


Son Servera Golf Club has its origins on the land that was part of the Sant Jordi estate, which belonged to the Servera family. In the 1960s, an urbanisation project was carried out by Costa de los Pinos S.A. and Punta Rotja S.A., which included the construction of a nine-hole golf course as an incentive for the buyers of the plots. The construction of the course, designed by John Harris, began in 1963 and the Punta Rotja Golf Club was inaugurated in 1965. However, the development company went bankrupt and was dissolved, threatening the continuity of the club.

Despite the difficulties, some members that were living on the Costa de los Pinos, such as Bernard. H. Eversmeyer, Antoni Lladó and Frederico Knuchel, took the initiative to keep the club going. They recruited new members and signed a lease on the course with the Servera family. These members had a clear vision of the potential of golf in Mallorca and decided to create a social club, which would be the future of the Son Servera Golf Club.

The first years were difficult, and the club had to apply for a loan from the Consejo Superior de Deportes to complete the construction of the course. The financial stability of the club was maintained through membership fees and donations. The provisional headquarters were set up in a member's house, but in 1982 the current headquarters were built, designed by the architect Sebastián Moreno. The purchase of the land was financed by the club's reserves and members' contributions.

“Our little piece of heaven”

Gradually, the Club began to act as a catalyst for the social life of the area and was characterised by a “friendly family atmosphere”, which the American Bernard H. Eversmayer, who was President of our Club, described as “our little piece of heaven”.

Costa de los Pinos became a nucleus of Spanish and foreign families with high purchasing power. The first residents and promoters of the development were influential people with friendships in social and political circles. 

Personalities such as Torcuato Luca de Tena, Fernando María Castiella and the Princes of Ligne fell in love with the beauty of Costa de los Pinos and decided to become part of the development.

Over the years, the Club de Golf Son Servera has become the focal point of the social life of the inhabitants of the Costa de los Pinos. The members are of different nationalities, mainly English, Dutch, Belgian, French, and German. Diverse and welcoming, the club has a family and fair play atmosphere.

Over the decades many nationality tournaments have been organised, and the club has become a meeting point for the foreign community in Mallorca.

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